.22 Rifle and Muzzleloading Fun Shoot and Potluck / May 26, 2019
Memorial Day Fun Shoot.jpg

This Sunday, May 26 (Memorial Day weekend) we'll be having our annual fun shoot and potluck at .22 Rifle and Muzzleloading practice! This still counts as one practice.

We'll have fun targets for our members AND family members to shoot. Waivers will be required of adults and any 4-H members not already enrolled in Shooting Sports.

Standard 4-H rules apply—load one/shoot one, no copper jacketed ammo, no Cloverbud or younger children allowed to shoot.

Potluck items should feed 10–12 people. Visit the SignUpGenius to volunteer to bring something for the potluck. Plates/napkins/etc. will be provided. If all slots are full, bring whatever you like! Chairs are encouraged and pop-ups are welcomed. Bring your own beverage (no-alcohol).

If you have any questions, contact Sam Webb via email or phone at 970-214-5646.

Come out and have a fun change of pace at practice on the holiday weekend! If you’re traveling and not able to attend that weekend, have fun and stay safe.

Record Book and Fair Project Workshops
Record Book Cover 2019.jpg

You are invited to attend the Shooting Sports Project and Record Book Workshops to help prepare you for County Fair. We encourage you to attend if you are new to 4-H shooting sports, do not have a shooting sports project leader in your club, or would like to kickstart your preparation for the Fair.

Our goal is to make sure you know how to complete your record book, to understand project boards and stand-alone projects, and what to expect on Interview Day.

If you haven’t already downloaded the e-Record document, click here to get the Word document file.

Here are the details:

  • June 19, 6:00 p.m. at the McKee Building in the Estes Park Room: We’ll be going through the e-Record book page by page to understand how to fill it out, go through guidelines for project boards and stand-alone projects. There will also be an assortment of older members’ project boards and stand-alone projects to examine. If you have started your record book, bring that for review and help.

  • July 17, 6:00 p.m. at the McKee Building in the Estes Park Room: Bring your in-progress record books (or computers) and project boards (with supplies) for a hands-on work night. Get them polished and ready to turn in at Fair! We'll also talk about Interview Judging Day!

Questions? Please feel free to contact Sam Webb at sammyjwebb@gmail.com.

.22 Rifle on Mother’s Day
4-H Mother's Day.png

Yes, we are having .22 Rifle practice on Mother’s Day. But please ask what Mom wants to do first! The weather looks promising, so we are hoping to complete two full relays. Happy Mother’s Day!

Archery Practices Moving Outdoors

It's time to begin outdoor Archery practices!

Our first outdoor practice will be on Thursday, May 16 at 6:00 p.m. in the field to the south of the McKee Building and the parking lots. (There will be no county practice at The Ranch on Tuesday, May 14.)


Please see the schedule for county practices included in the Orientation Packet, or find the calendar on the Shooting Sports website: https://www.lc4hss.org/archery

(You will see that there are practices on Tuesday evenings at Lon Hagler Archery Range, hosted by the High Country Handiworkers club. Two of these practices count toward your four required for county shoot eligibility.)

Cancellations and Remind

Once we move outdoors, it's likely that we may need to cancel a practice due to weather. We will use the Remind system to alert you to any changes or cancellations.

If you have not yet signed up for Remind, please use the following instructions for your choice of text messages, email, or app notifications.

Text Messages – Sign up via Remind by texting @archery-4h to 81010.

Email – Send an email to archery-4h@mail.remind.com. No subject is needed.

App – Available for your Android phone or iPhone. Choose “Join a class” and enter the class code @archery-4h.

Visit remind.com for details.

What to Bring

We encourage participants and their families to bring chairs, water, sunscreen, bug spray, and umbrellas. There is no shade available near the practice area, so please bring what you need to stay cool as the weather gets warmer.

Dress Code

Please review the 4-H Dress Code. Keep in mind that the additional safety rules about dress code for archery apply as well. 1) Fully-enclosed sturdy shoes or boots are required. Parents must follow this rule as well. 2) Jewelry, clothing, and long hair that may interfere with the shooting equipment must be removed or secured.

Set Up and Tear Down the Range

To set up the archery range, we will pull the trailer over and set up the FITA targets as well as the 3D targets. It takes time and effort to set up our range, so please arrive a little early to help set up, OR plan to stay after the last round to help tear down. It's greatly appreciated. All of the leaders are volunteers who give their time to make our archery program a success!

We look forward to seeing everyone outdoors!

2nd Annual Ringing of the Steel Western Heritage Shooting Contest

Adams County is hosting the 2nd Annual Western Heritage Shooting Contest to be held in Briggsdale on June 15, 2019.

The cost is $20 per competitor.

Registration will open from 7:30–8:30 a.m., and the contest starts promptly at 9:00 a.m.

Find all of the details and register online at http://adams4h.org/ss/ros.html. You can grab the PDF of the event flyer here.

If you would like to order lunch, please register online before Wednesday, June 12.

If you have any questions about the contest, please contact Oak Creek Martin (aka Jerry Van Riper) at 303-514-9328

This is a great opportunity to shoot with other members of the Western Heritage project from around the state and it’s a great practice competition before the State Shoot in July Please contact Jim and Jackie Easthouse if you are interested in participating and need to use our firearms. Arrangements will need to be made to get them to you.

Lon Hagler Range Work Day 2019
BTB Range Work Day Square.jpg

The Big Thompson Bowhunters group is holding their annual work day at Lon Hagler Range this Saturday, May 4 beginning at 8:00 a.m.

Larimer Country 4-H participants have assisted with the work day in exchange for being allowed to shoot at the range for Tuesday evening practices during the summer.

This is a great opportunity to serve your community service for record books, be helpful to the archery community, and pay back for the use of the range. Hopefully you can lend a few hours or more.

Following is the information from the Big Thompson Bowhunters newsletter about the Work Day:

Range Day this year will be Saturday, May 4th, when we rebuild all the backstops and do general maintenance at the Lon Hagler range. We begin at 8 a.m., split up into two groups, start at each end of the course, and work towards the middle. Dennis has all the supplies ready with even a couple of new banders because we had two that would have cost more to fix than to buy new. We break around noon for lunch which is provided by BTB and then finish up about an hour later. The range is closed to the public until we finish, so we usually try to have things wrapped up by 3 p.m. because it seems there are always people waiting to shoot. The more help we have, the faster and easier it goes, so if you have some time on the first Saturday in May, please come on out and help. Also, we will have one Bobcat to help lift the top bales, but a second one so each crew is covered would be great. Please contact Dennis if you have a Bobcat available for even a few hours on May 5th. We would really appreciate it!

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New Certified Shooting Sports Leaders for 2019
Coaching Quote.jpg

Trainings for Shooting Sports certification were held over four weekends this Spring. The following 4-H leaders and senior 4-H members spent their time attending a training for the individual disciplines listed:

  • Pat Algers — Rifle

  • David Dyer — Rifle

  • Nick Freeland — Rifle (Junior)

  • Kim Gillespie — Archery (Junior)

  • Scott Gillespie — Rifle

  • Charlie Mick — Pistol (Junior)

  • Justin Mick — Rifle

  • Rob Noyer — Archery

  • Dennis Rinebarger — Western Heritage

  • Nate Rogers — Rifle (Junior)

  • Rex Rogers — Shotgun

  • Katie Webb — Outdoor Skills

  • Samantha Webb — Program Coordinator Training

Congratulations on your new certifications! Thank you for volunteering to coach our Shooting Sports members and keep our program running strong!

If you are not a certified leader, you can still complete enrollment to be a 4-H activity leader this year. You can be of help at Shooting Sports practices, even if you aren’t certified to help on the line. Then next year, you’ll be enrolled and ready to attend a certification when they are scheduled. Click here to learn about the steps to becoming a Larimer County 4-H leader.

Western Heritage Camp 2019

A Western Heritage Camp will be held in Leadville, Colorado from June 24–27. It will include camping and history tours in and around Leadville, and the food will be authentic to the time period.

A chaperone is not required for 4-H ages 12+, but 4-H ages 11 and under will need to be chaperoned.

Registration opens on May 1 and closes on June 10 through 4HOnline. The cost is $145 per camper.

Contact the Kit Carson County Extension Office at 719-346-5571 for details.

Weld County 4-H Shooting Sports Invitational 2019
Weld County Shooting Sports.jpg

Weld County 4-H is hosting a Shooting Sports Invitational on Saturday, June 1 beginning at 8:00 a.m. at the South Platte Historical Society Range in Fort Lupton.

Disciplines included will be Air Pistol, Air Rifle, .22 Rifle, .22 Pistol (Seniors Only), Archery, and Muzzleloading. The cost is $5 per class entered with a maximum of 4 classes per individual. (The cost will be $10 per class if not registered by May 28, 2019. Any class changes made after May 28 will incur a $10 fee per change.)

This is a good opportunity to gain some competition experience before the county and state shoots later in the summer.

4-H members who are enrolled in Shooting Sports projects in Larimer County can take part. Attendance is not organized by Larimer County 4-H, so participants will need to be transported and accompanied by their parents. This does not count toward practice requirements in Larimer County.

Visit the event on Facebook and register via the SignUpGenius.