Shooting Sports is one of the most popular 4-H projects in Larimer County. And Larimer County has one of the largest Shooting Sports programs in the state of Colorado.

Members learn how to care for and handle shooting sports equipment safely. There are numerous options, from rifles to bows. Then members have the opportunity to hone their skills and test themselves by competing in the county shoot, and if they qualify, the Colorado state competition. 



Air Rifle



Outdoor Skills


.22 Pistol

.22 Rifle

Western Heritage


Participation Requirements



To participate, youth must be 8-years-old by December 31 and complete their enrollment in 4-H before the March 1 deadline. (Returning members much entroll by January 15.) Be sure to choose the Shooting Sports project and each discipline individually. To learn more about enrollment, visit the Join 4-H page on the Larimer County Extension website.


All youth enrolling in any discipline MUST turn in a Shooting Sports Liability Waiver WITH the 4-H enrollment form at the Extension Office. If you do not turn the waiver in, you will not be enrolled in 4-H, not covered under 4-H insurance, and will not be able to participate in any practices!

Required Practices

All participants must attend a minimum of four county practices for each discipline in which they wish to participate in the County Shoot.

If participating in .22 Rifle and Air Rifle, the youth may opt to attend two practices in each discipline rather than four in each. This does not apply to practices for any other discipline.

Information meetings, orientations, safety meetings, and workshops do not count as a practice.

Two club practices conducted by a state certified leader in the discipline will count if the following conditions are met:

  1. List of planned Club practices sent to the Extension Office by April 1. A list of additional practices should be submitted one week prior to the time the practice is held.

  2. Other 4-H members who call may participate in the practice provided the range will accommodate increased numbers.

  3. The attendance list must be signed by the certified 4-H Shooting Sports Leader and sent to the 4-H Extension Agent within one week for the practice to count.

Hunters Education

Hunters education is NOT required to compete at County Shoots. However, to compete at the State Competition, participants must submit their hunter education card BEFORE the County Shoot. Go to and upload a photo of the hunter education card, as well as inputting the number. Hunters education or bowhunters education are required for Archery. Information for classes can be found online at, or by contacting Sportsman’s Warehouse, Liberty Firearms, Jax, the Colorado Division of Wildlife, the Fort Collins Archery Association, or the Colorado Bowhunters Association.

State Competition

A youth must participate in the county shoot to qualify for the state competition. Larimer County also requires a youth to exhibit at the county fair and be awarded at least a red ribbon to participate in the state shooting competitions.

Fair Exhibit

To complete the Shooting Sports project, members must create either a display exhibit or stand-alone project. If taking part in multiple disciplines, create a project for the discipline of your choice, and include the required sections for each discipline in the Shooting Sports record book. See more information about Projects and Record Books under your shooting discipline’s page.

Specific Discipline Requirements

Specific disciplines can have additional requirements. Please visit each discipline to learn more about requirements and contact the superintendent with questions.

Shooting Sports Handbook

Please review the Larimer County 4-H Shooting Sports Handbook for more information about our mission and policies.