2019 Archery County Shoot Announcements

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The Archery County Shoot is this Saturday, July 13, beginning promptly at 9:00 a.m.


Click here for the shooting schedule with listings by time on the first page and by name on the second page.

Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled start time. When you arrive, get your equipment ready and come to the check-in table. After going through equipment inspection and receiving brief instructions on scoring, you will be on the line at your start time to begin the FITA round with the 20-yard practice target.

The course includes one round of FITA targets at 40 yards, 30 yards, 20 yards, and 10 yards, and then one round of 3D targets. The time required to complete the entire course is approximately 2–2.5 hours.

If you are unable to make your scheduled start time, get your gear together and come to check-in as soon as you arrive. We will try to get you in as soon as we can, but you may be asked to wait until there is an opening. Please be patient. We will do our best within reason to make sure that all qualified archers get to shoot. As soon as there are no more archers waiting to shoot and the FITA range is empty, we will start tearing down the range. Once the range starts coming down, latecomers will no longer be allowed to shoot.


Archers will score themselves within their group. It is your responsibility to ensure that you receive the correct scores. If you disagree with an arrow score or have questions, call a range officer to your target for clarification before touching arrows. Once your scorecard has been signed, it is final.

Arrows that skip off the ground before hitting the target are scored as a miss. Bounce-outs may be scored if there are at least two witnesses who agree on the position of the hit (which is why it is important to mark your holes on the FITA targets). We do not mark holes on 3D targets, which means that it is less likely that the bounce-outs will be counted. An arrow deflection is not the same as a bounce-out and will count as a miss. Shooting at the wrong target is a miss.

If you would like to inspect the 3D target scoring rings before the competition, come to practice on Thursday. Nobody will be allowed to inspect the targets or the scoring rings before they shoot on Saturday. Nobody will be allowed on the 3D range prior to the competition except the few volunteers who are asked to help with set-up. During competition, do not walk over to a 3D target that you have not yet shot. Do not offer to help find arrows on a 3D target that you have not yet shot. Do not talk about 3D target distances with anyone, including fellow competitors. Rangefinders are not allowed at this competition.

What to Bring

Bring plenty of water, healthy snacks, sunscreen, chairs for your group, and a pop-up or umbrella for shade. (If you have space in your shade, please invite others to join you.)

Be sure to bring all of your archery equipment!

Juniors shoot 3 arrows per FITA target and 1 arrow per 3D target. Seniors shoot 5 arrows per FITA target and 2 arrows per 3D target. We recommend bringing extra arrows. There is always a possibility of loss or breakage. At check-in, extra arrows will be placed in a bucket and will follow you down the shooting line. Every effort will be made to find lost arrows, but there is a time limit on searching. Just as in practice, arrows must always be in a quiver or case unless you are shooting them.

Notes for Parents

Participants cannot carry electronics on the range. They can be an unfair advantage, as well as a distraction.

Parents, please do not discuss the 3D target distances with your kids before or after they shoot. There may be others nearby who haven't shot yet.

Coaching from parents or anyone is prohibited during the competition. If you think your child needs water or a snack, let a range volunteer know and we will speak with the participant.

Questions or concerns may be respectfully brought to the attention of a range volunteer. Disrespect for range volunteers or any attempt to gain an unfair advantage over fellow competitors will not be tolerated and may result in people being asked to leave the range, or disqualification in extreme cases. However, we know that we won't have any of these types of problems because we have great kids and families in our 4-H archery program!

Potluck and Awards

Anita Ballinger is coordinating a salad bar potluck for after the shoot. The main salad and fixings will be provided, as well as plates and drinks. Everyone is welcome to bring salads or desserts to share. The potluck will be held in the air-conditioned McKee Building exhibit hall. If you bring items that need refrigeration, you can put them in the McKee Building kitchen when you arrive. We will eat while the shoot results are being compiled, and then awards will be distributed.

This is a lot of information, but we probably didn't cover everything. Please trust that our goal is to have a safe, inclusive, fair, and FUN competition. If you have any questions, please ask!

Thank you!

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