Lon Hagler Range Work Day 2019

BTB Range Work Day Square.jpg

The Big Thompson Bowhunters group is holding their annual work day at Lon Hagler Range this Saturday, May 4 beginning at 8:00 a.m.

Larimer Country 4-H participants have assisted with the work day in exchange for being allowed to shoot at the range for Tuesday evening practices during the summer.

This is a great opportunity to serve your community service for record books, be helpful to the archery community, and pay back for the use of the range. Hopefully you can lend a few hours or more.

Following is the information from the Big Thompson Bowhunters newsletter about the Work Day:

Range Day this year will be Saturday, May 4th, when we rebuild all the backstops and do general maintenance at the Lon Hagler range. We begin at 8 a.m., split up into two groups, start at each end of the course, and work towards the middle. Dennis has all the supplies ready with even a couple of new banders because we had two that would have cost more to fix than to buy new. We break around noon for lunch which is provided by BTB and then finish up about an hour later. The range is closed to the public until we finish, so we usually try to have things wrapped up by 3 p.m. because it seems there are always people waiting to shoot. The more help we have, the faster and easier it goes, so if you have some time on the first Saturday in May, please come on out and help. Also, we will have one Bobcat to help lift the top bales, but a second one so each crew is covered would be great. Please contact Dennis if you have a Bobcat available for even a few hours on May 5th. We would really appreciate it!

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