Wrapping Up County Fair and Prepping for State Fair 2018

Our busy 4-H year is almost done! Thank you for all the help you give to your Superintendents and Leaders this year. Just a few last items as we wrap up County Fair and Prepare for State Fair.

County Fair

  • Pick up your projects at the McKee Building on Wednesday, August 8 between 7:00 a.m.–10:00 a.m., or send a trusted someone to do that for you. There is no place to store them so be kind and get things picked up!
  • Don't forget to get your premium money!

State Fair

  • If your project is going to State Fair you will not get it back until after State Shoots. If you did a stand-alone and would like to use the item at State Shoot there are options:
    • Borrow a duplicate item from another 4-H family to take to state shoot so your stand-alone can go to State Fair,
    • Put together a replacement item to use so your winning stand-alone can go to State Fair,
    • Make a picture album of the stand-alone's development that can accompany your record book to State Fair. It must be ready to turn in on August 14.
Sharel Cameron