2018 Archery State Shoot Information

Date: Saturday, August 18 (Juniors) and Sunday, August 19 (Seniors)
Check-in: Please arrive 1–2 hours before your scheduled shoot time (squadding times are posted at https://www.lc4hss.org/s/August-18-19-State-Shoot-Schedule.pdf).  
Location: Near Lake Pueblo State Park, 5475 W State Highway 96, Pueblo, Colorado

Before you leave your home, double check that you have all archery safety equipment, bow, and arrows (8–12 recommended). Bring water, lunch, and/or snacks. Also bring sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and other protections from the August Pueblo sun. Folding chairs for everyone in your group is advisable, and bring a pop-up canopy if you have one.

Remember that both Juniors and Seniors will be scoring themselves just like we did at the County Shoot. If you disagree about a score, do not argue with fellow competitors. Call for a range officer to make the final arrow value determination. Understand the scoring rules, such as "Arrows touched before they are scored will count as a zero" (State Rule Book pp.41 #13). The competitors cannot enforce these rules themselves, but they can ask a range officer to enforce them. Ref: http://co4h.colostate.edu/ss/forms/ss-rulebook.pdf

Scoring this year will include keeping track of the number of 10Xs each participant scores on the target (FITA) range. 10Xs will be used as tie-breakers if needed. Please review the Scoring Tip Sheet so that you are not caught off guard at the competition. Seniors, please note the change in scoring the 5-Spot target between our County Shoot and the State Competition (Scoring Tip Sheet pp.3).

The 4-H Dress Code will be enforced at the Archery range. If you are unaware of the dress code specifics, please read it here or contact the Extension Office. If you choose not to follow the dress code, you are running the risk of getting yourself and your team disqualified.

As usual, we will have a set of pop-up canopies set up for Larimer County (look for the maroon canopy and the Larimer County Archery banner). When you arrive at the archery range, check in with Linda Squibb, who is the designated Larimer County Archery contact/coach this year. Linda can provide you with any last-minute guidance as she will be attending the coaches meeting first thing each morning. Connie will be at the range check-in area, and I will be on the range if Linda has any questions that she cannot answer. As always my red tool bag will be located under the canopy. Feel free to use what you need and replace it when you are done.

Parents of participants, please ask the range personnel if there is anything you can do to help. Larimer County has a great reputation for being one of the most helpful counties, and with your help, I would like to maintain that tradition. Certified leaders, please sign up to help on the range. It makes for a long day if we can't get replacements.

There is usually a vendor selling State Shoot t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc, so bring some extra money for that if you want. There may or may not be a food vendor on site as well.  

You will be allowed to carry extra arrows in your quiver up to the equipment check area. Before you step on to the range, make sure you place all except 5 of your arrows in the bucket if you are a senior, and 3 arrows if you are a junior, which will travel down the shooting line with you. Before you step off the range, make sure you pick up your extra arrows.

Parents, please remember, if you signal or talk to your child at all, they may be disqualified. The same thing if the participant signals or talks to you. They get very nasty about this because individuals have cheated in the past with coaching tips. No electronics, binoculars, or rangefinders will be allowed on the range. If a participant has any type of equipment problem, contact a line judge/range officer. They will have a limited time to return to the Larimer County canopy area to try to resolve the problem, then they will be worked back into the shooting line.  Participants, do not hesitate to ask for assistance from a line judge/range officer if you have questions or problems.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO BE THE BEST GOOD SPORT POSSIBLE. This means waiting at the line until your neighbors are no longer at full draw. It can be very distracting having people move on and off the line when an archer is at full draw. When the round is complete, congratulate and shake hands will fellow competitors (even if they beat you).  If you are well rested and focused, you will shoot well. HAVE FUN! You should be proud that you made it to the state competition and are representing the best county in Colorado.

I heard that there are over 500 participants this year. The event coordinators and volunteers will do their best to make sure the participants are in the right place at the right time and understand what they are doing. So, please be patient with event coordinators and volunteers (and feel free to send me an email with comments/suggestions next week). The awards presentation will be held following each day's competition. If you are unable to stay, let Linda know and your awards will be collected and distributed by someone from your club or can be picked up at the Extension Office. An email will be sent after the final state archery competition results are posted.

If you have any questions or concerns, send an email to jscottbarber@hotmail.com or contact Connie via cell phone at 970-215-8521 (text messages are OK, too).  The Barber family will be staying at the LaQuinta Hotel.

See you this weekend!

Scott Barber

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