2018 Archery Competition Results

Congratulations to all of our winners and participants. I hope you had as much fun as I did. Thank you to all volunteers, parents, and participants for making this another great county archery shoot. As always, if you have suggestions for future improvements, let me know.

You can find results from the county shoot available on the 2018 County Shoot Results page. In addition to the results of the Larimer County competition, here is a list of the State Teams for each bow class. If you are on the state team roster and find that you are unable to attend the state competition in Pueblo on Saturday, August 18th (Juniors) or Sunday, August 19th (Seniors), please let me know as soon as possible.

If you have scheduling concerns due to potential conflicts with other State Fair activities that weekend, please notify Jackie Easthouse (jackie@coloradoinmotion.com) as soon as possible as she will be registering the state teams and can provide notes for the state schedulers.  Jackie can only work on coordinating shoot times, competition dates cannot be changed.  

State competition fees are now $25 per participant assuming only one shooting sports competition (like Archery). Each additional competition will incur an additional $5 charge (for example Archery and Air Rifle would be $30 total). Shotgun is higher at $15 per class. Please be prepared to pay these fees at interview judging/project check-in day.

Remember that to participate in a state shooting sports competition, the following conditions must be satisfied.

  1. Must qualify for a state team at a county competition.

  2. Must have hunters education card scanned and uploaded. Your card must be issued prior to the date of the county competition.

  3. Must submit a shooting sports related fair project (stand-alone or display board) and record book for judging, and receive at least a red ribbon.

  4. Must pay state competition fees.

County practices resumed on Thursday, July 26 and all 4-H archery participants are welcome to participate, whether or not you made a state team. Here is a link to the state shooting sports competition web page: http://co4h.colostate.edu/program-areas/shooting-sports/.

Do not change your bow without verifying that the change will NOT affect your bow class. At the state competition, you will NOT be allowed to change your bow class. Make sure your arrow tips extend beyond the back of the bow. If the range officers find your arrows to be too short, you may be forced to borrow arrows to finish the competition.

Have a great week, and get those fair projects and record books done!

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